The God Place

I found it about a week after we moved in. A small park, nestled behind the cove next to a baseball field. There were some wooded areas, and a small bonfire pit. Keep in mind that I'm making it sound so much more luxorious than it actually is.
But I still found beauty, the way I always do - through a lens.
Today I went back. 

The little things are important to me; showing the detail of the flowers, the leaves, and the branches.
I like showing other people these pictures as proof of God's creativity.

Personal favorite below.

Seeing the flowers {and ahem - weeds} dance in the wind, and the birds chirp.

The crickets hopped in the heat of the day, and the two horses in the pasture nearby grazed peacefully.

This is my God place. I know it.

Do you have a God-place - a place where you can think and ponder?


  1. Love the pictures. My God place is outside in the front of a canvas with a paint brush in my hand.

  2. These are gorgeous! Mine is next to a creek near my house - it's absolutely magical in the winter after it snows.


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