Of Early Rising and School and Such

I started highschool yesterday. 
And surprisingly, it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. Really.
confession: I loathe backpacks. But for highschool, I really had no choice, considering that my biology book alone, which I got today, weighs around seven pounds.
But this one is so cute that I'll forgive it for being the worst fashion statement like, ever.
that awesome binder on the bottom is for French.
I now have to wake up at five every morning and leave at six twenty to pick up my dear friend Rebecca, who's a sophomore, and get to school by six thirty-five, where we hang out in the cafeteria until the bell rings to get to class by seven. 

Mary Cat's Schedule: 
First Period: Geometry (translation: somehow I have to figure out how to make my brain process math at seven-thirty in the morning)
The teacher is the girl's varsity basketball coach, and she's pretty cool.
Second Period: Biology 
The teacher is nice as well. Except, you know, for the seven pound book that she gave us that just about threw my back out.
Third Period: Chorale (chorus, since everyone and their dog has been asking what in the world chorale is. It's just their second highest choir)
The instructor is nice. First favorite class of the day.
Fourth Period: English 
I normally ace english so it's not a big deal. 
Lunch: Two of my friends have the same lunch, thankfully (it's the first lunch, at 10ugh23 in the morning. Like anyone feels like eating...).
Fifth Period: World History
It's interesting and the teacher is pretty laid back.
Sixth Period: PE/Wellness
Ugh. Enough said. 
Seventh Period: French
My second favorite class of the day. Because if I get a free ticket to anywhere out of the country besides Guatemala, it will be to France.

I made it to all of my classes on time (that was an act of my amazing God) and didn't get lost once. 
I'm still shocked about that. The school has around seven buildings, and each one has a letter. Some of them have two floors, some of them don't. 
It's bigger than my dad's old college, and it's so big that it even has one of those little signs in the front with the arrows telling you where everything is, like at the mall.
this thing has a map of the school on the back which is of no help whatsoever.
 Hopefully we'll be getting lockers later this week, so that I can stop walking around like a turtle with an overstuffed shell and frizzy hair (okay, so maybe the locker won't solve the hair thing. Die, humidity. Die.)
Have you started school yet? If not, when do you start?


  1. The backpack is cute, and your lucky that you guys have lockers.
    There were lockers at my school, but they wouldn't let us use them and they eventually ripped them out.
    Your france binder for french is so cute.

    I go back to school on August 22nd to start 12th grade.

    Depending on how you do your hair, I might have a trick that could help you. Email me if you want. The email address is on my blog in the about me.

  2. That sounds really neat! I have been homeschooled all my life so school life sounds kind of fun! I start school next week. I am a bit excited, I'm one of those weird people who actually like school! lol :D

  3. I love your French binder! In the OfficeDepot the other day, I saw this adorable turquoise-y blue composition book with a white Eiffel Tower on it. I didn't get it though :P I start next week!

  4. Ooh, that sounds cool. What time do you get out, for the day I mean? It seems like you start super early.

    I don't start school (still homeschooled) until, well, right about now we start history but we aren't doing the whole thing with math and writing and all that other stuff until later.

    iGirl/Dani :)

  5. omw i have that SAME pinkish french binder haha!! thats histarical hehehe. :D


  6. Wow, good luck! Your binders are so cute :) And high school... you'll get used to it. I like it so much better than middle school, honestly. I start on September 6 - the day after I get home from the beach.

  7. Dani - yes, we do start super early. But we get out at two.
    --Mary Catherine

  8. Your school sounds massive! Your blog looks so cute, by the way. Love your French binders! Woww, early morning start -- seven! :O That's when I wake up! You're brave. :D

  9. I hope to start school soon I am home schooler and part time student so I get the best of both worlds.

  10. I nominated you for an award. Here is the link


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