Oh Internet, How I've Missed You

So... apparently I have some explaining to do.
Don't you hate it when you're letting someone down but it's not under your control?
Yep. That was me for the past two or so weeks.
No one told me that we wouldn't have internet until - well, today. 
I deeply apologize. Ha.
Today my dear friend Madi got to come to the new house for the first time. I haven't even seen her in months, so of course I was mega excited.
Oh and for the record, she's watching me write this post. So you might hear her chime in.

We had a photoshoot. Because that's just what we do.

And as always, without fail,

I looked pretty bad.
Madi: *slaps leg* You did not, delete that.

Trying too hard? I think so.
But Madi, as always, is the natural.
Madi: Shut up.

Madi: Hey I'm taking pictures of your feet.
(she happens to love my camera. oh well. I don't blame her.)
Madi: Now I'm taking pictures of you writing.
Me: *rolls eyes*

She is a model.

Madi: Dang, I'm gorgeous. *looks at screen* Don't write that!

Me: Stop taking creepy pictures of my face!

Oh, and there's me. Trying too hard.
Madi: Be quiet!

On the walk back to my house, Madi made me stop because my hair "looked good".
Clarification: My hair never looks that good. But the picture turned out pretty well.
Then we headed back to my (new!) house, where I have a new amazing window that has gorgeous light at any point in the day for closeups.
Madi: *videoing self* and this - is my catwalk.
The girl is nuts, I tell you. But she's a photogenic nut.

I die.

Her eyes are actually hazel, but they looked really blue here.

This was one of those rare times when my face actually worked.

Madi: There you go. That's self confidence right there.
Well then I guess she won't mind if I post this picture (just kidding. she told me to --)
Madi: No, I told you that I didn't care if you posted it.

Madi: I love that hat.

Madi: *looks at book that I have for summer work for high school* Charles Dickens is kind of hard to read I guess...
*shoves me off of chair*
Hey world. It's Madi. and I shall be your commentary for the next moment.

And this is my serious, 'I'm amazing' pose.
 Hey look Kendall just walked in! Wassup Kendall? I just got to meet you.

And this is me with M. We're adorable. MCat didn't want to put up this picture but I made her. Mwahhahaha.

And ths is another one with M. I love her.

And this is the most adorable picture. MCat didn't want to put it up either. yet again, I was forceful and made her. Mwahahah!

And Kendall said "Madi you're gorgeous!" *kidding she didn't say that*

Kendall "Gorgeous again!!"

And so MCat returned.
Hi! *waves* it's Mary C. again. Madi kind of took over. Ahem.
I'm thinking of permanently not posting any more pictures of myself. I don't like looking at them.
Kendall: No you look good!
Madi: No no no no no... don't write that. I'll delete it.
So anyway... here's me. Ugh.
Madi: I will break you.
Kendall: *laughs*

So for now, I'm laughing too hard to write. So I'm going to leave. And perhaps post the rest tomorrow.
I've missed you!


  1. You guys are sooooo gorgeous!!! My fav. is the one of Madi and the colored lights.

  2. Loved the pics and commentary! Hehe;). Wonderful!

  3. You guys made me laugh. You do look Good MCat. Better than me for sure.

  4. This post was so much fun to read. Both of you are beautiful! :)

  5. Madi. is. so. dang. photogenic! Love u and miss you Madi!
    Mcat-You are so gorgeous too!!!!! We like REALLY need to hang out like asap. I havent seen or talked to you like all summer girl!!! call me!!!!
    --Sara Beth

  6. Love those pics, girls! The "dialogue" was pretty cool! LOL!
    You DO look good, trust me.

  7. Haha! I love Madi's hat too, but you're both adorable!!


  8. those pics. r. awesome. no more 2 b said. :D


  9. I'm getting a little confused! You all are so cute :)

  10. You guys are soo pretty! Madi looks somewhat like me....creepy. :)


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