The Sisters That Make Me Laugh

Yesterday, just in case you didn't pick up on it from Madi's little narrative, Kendall stopped by to meet her. Then we decided to set up more of an indoor photoshoot because, as always, it was unbearably hot outside.
M got in on the act as well. 
Currently (since we haven't done anything to my room yet) I have a big ol' blank wall, which we decided to use as a backdrop after we couldn't find a white sheet. A lot of the pictures are noisy, but some turned out okay, and it was a blast.

Despite the wall being yellow.

 The girl is adorable.

Madi and Kendall got along pretty well... ha. I love that they finally met.

I adore that hat. I got it at Charming Charlie's a couple of days ago. 

We also baked some lemon bars. Due to my lack of creativity, they were from the box. But no one cared.


I had so much fun spending the day with my sister/cousin-by-marriage/partner-in-crime and my other sister/partner-in-crime. They both rock. 
Love you girls!
PS: I need some urgent help. When I've been trying to upload the new header, it says that I have exceeded my photo upload quota. But I know that's not true because it still lets me upload photos into posts. Help?


  1. Cool pictures! If you go to your Picasa web albums and delete some of your old headers, then it should let you upload a new one.

  2. awesome pictures! :) love the video too :D I think we have to same laptop ;D

  3. haha that turned out rlly well!! :D partner in crime? rlly? ok i tuess its kinda true. OK its a lot true. LOL!!! :D


  4. Aw! ya'll look so adorable! I miss all of ya'll so much! We MUST hang out like ASAP! luv ya!
    --Sara Beth

  5. My header thing was doing the exact same thing the other day! It was annoying the HECK out of me, but luckily I asked the same question and got some smart people to give me the answer! SO what you have to do is log in to your picasa web album user thing (I didn't know I had one but I did...?), and your pictures/headers will be in an album (or scattered around two or three). Delete some you don't want, and Ta-da! You will now have enough space to put up the header you want! :) Great pictures, by the way. All the outfits are gorgeous!


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