That Annoying Sickness

No, dears. I'm not talking about Bieber Fever. Ugh.
I'm talking about the goodgrieftimehaspassedsofasthowcouldihavenotpostedinfourdays syndrome.

Today my dear friend Anna came over and made cookies with us. Because she's awesome like that.

M is such a little baker.

She makes the most amazing monster cookies ever - oatmeal, m&ms, and chocolate chips. Nom.

I finally tried the amazing knot ponytail via Pinterest last week. I love it.

We've been spending quite a lot of time at the pee-wee football field lately for my brothers' games. I've been watching them for two years now. I still don't get it. Ha.

red teeth courtesy of the icee she was eating...
Speaking of the strangely shaped leather brown ball, I'm going to my first highschool game tonight. Mostly for the social thing, since I still won't understand a thing.
Should be fun. {insert lol here}


  1. the last picture. AhhH! she is super cute! :)
    I know how ya feel girl!

  2. awwwwwwwww loverly!! :DDDDDDDD and the beginning...histarical. jana was like wat the heck? haha!!


  3. Those cookies look delicious! I don't understand football either...have fun at the game! :)

  4. Aw, cute pictures! Your siblings are adorable. :-) Sounds like a fun couple of days!


  5. Cute pictures! And the cookies sound delicious! I want some now! I hope you have fun at the game!


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