Can You Find the Longleg?

What can I say? When you're a photographer the fear of the bug is overcome by the want to take a picture of it.



Autumn Calling

As I sit here, waiting for the *looks at timer* five minutes thirty five seconds left until my chocolate chip cookies for the biology project (long story that you don't need to waste your time hearing, believe me) come out of the oven, running on sheer adrenaline, cookie dough, and my third dose of caffeine, I have to write about it. 

It's my favorite season. I adore the colors of the leaves, dressing in their very best for the arrival of crisper, cooler winds. 

Autumn is a whole new palate of paint. I can only imagine how much fun God had with it. 

Let's make a season, I can almost hear Him say, where all of the warm, inviting colors of nature just explode.

Let's paint the wind and write a song to play through the crinkling of the brown and orange leaves. 

Let's have a season where everyone can appreciate the colors of orange pumpkin, rich green pine trees, and the brilliant yellow of the sun.

We've named it autumn.

And it's my favorite season of all.
PS: I need one hundred follower celebration ideas! Thoughts?


Little Things that Make My Day

Hey guys (who am I kidding - hey girls).
This week has been crazy busy but I'm just dropping in to say that a fluent post should be coming soon that will somehow be celebrating the fact that that little box over there >>>> now contains one hundred people who actually care about what I write and photograph!

*throws confetti everywhere*

You guys are amazing. Seriously.




A Sweet Award

Hey guys!
No, I did not completely fall off of the face of the planet. I'm still here.
This week was crazy busy. With the physical fitness part of PE actually starting (we did health bookwork the first half of the semester), my back feels like it's about to give up and die. Also, we had auditions for our fall musical all week, with callbacks today.
I'm tired. Luckily, today was one of those useless public school holidays that is teacher-inservice.

In the meantime, I've been awarded this award not once, but twice! I feel so special. *hug*

Once by my dear friend Sara Beth, and the other time by Sylvi.

So apparently the deal is I have to state seven facts about myself, and then give the award to seven (or so) other people. 

Fact 1: I cannot draw to save my whole entire life. Seriously, if I were about to be dropped off a cliff, and had to draw a decent picture to save myself... 
You get the picture. Pun intended. 

Fact 2: I cannot actually believe that I've been in school for almost two months. Brain. Dead. 

Fact 3: I have started ballet back - I love it, no matter how much pain pointe shoes cause. Although I will never pursue it, dance will always be a part of me. 

Fact 4: My hair is uncurlable. I have done hot rollers. I have done sponge curlers. I have slept in braids. I have gotten a perm. 
Nothing. Nothing curls it. 

Fact 5: I, being the inexperienced homeschooler, am liking having a locker. I want to decorate it. Ideas?

Fact 6: I overslept the other day until 6:20. Yes, you read right. I normally get up at 5:00 and I told myself to sleep in until 5:15. I woke up and it was 6:20. That's when we normally leave for school. 
As one of my friends said, you know it's sad when sleeping late is 6:20.

Fact 7: Should I do a vlog? I think it'd be fun. Let me know. 

Alrighty then... I'm going to give this award to: 

Gloria - she's an absolutely amazing artist. 

Princess - another terrific artist who's skills I envy.


Be sure to go check out all of these lovely blogs! I'm going to sleep... 


To Frolic is to Love Life

Sometimes it's just good to take a trip to the park.

Watch your little sister toddle around and discover that wood chips are not edible.

Relish in the perfect fall outfit that appears as soon as it hits seventy degrees with a slight breeze outside.
Hello autumn. We've been waiting.

The perfect outfit: My hat collection gets limited exposure now because hats are against dress code. Afternoons and weekends are my only hat-time. It's a crime, I tell you.

if I were photoshop savvy I could clone out the background and put in something a tad more sightly... but I'm not. *sigh*
And yes, I even pulled out the black leather boots (fifteen bucks at a consignment shop - score). I love boots and fully regret that you can't wear them year round without your feet sweating off of your legs. That would be another reason that autumn is my favorite season.

My lovely mom. 

T was crawling and toddling all over the place.

This girl is nuts. Promise. 

We love autumn days.

What's your favorite season?


A Chat With the Lovely Alisha

A few days ago I said that whoever commented first on the post would be interviewed.
Alisha of Mercy Miracle commented first, and I was so excited to interview her!

First: Go check out her blog. Click the link.

You're still here? Go! Oh - but then come back and read the interview, k?

Aah, you're back. Moving on...

MCat: Tell me a little about yourself:
Alisha: Well, I'm a 14 year old girl, who loves quotes, books, movies and Jesus. I was diagnosed with a rare, very serious, liver condition when I was a baby, which means I've had to endure lots of medical treatments in my 14 years of life. I always try to live life to the fullest though. 
MCat: Have any siblings?
Alisha: I do! I have one biological brother and two adopted siblings. I'm the oldest ;)
MCat: Tell me a little about your blog:
Alisha: Well, my blog is mainly my life :) I feature some of my writing, update people on my medical condition, share interesting quotes or things that I was taught in my devotions...
MCat: What is your favorite thing to blog about?
Alisha: I love blogging about new realizations I've had. I love sharing those little inspirational things that will maybe brighten up somebody's day or change their outlook on something in their own lives.
MCat: Do you have any favorite bloggers?
Alisha: I have a lot of bloggers I love to follow. I love reading my friend Nikki's blog. She has a chronic illness, as well as her husband, who has cystic fybrosis. She always keeps it real, and I love reading her outlook on things in her life. I also love Natalie Llyod's blog.
MCat: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Alisha: I love reading and writing and listening to music. I also enjoy finding that perfect quote, hanging out with my oh so amazing friends and riding my horse.
MCat: What are some of your goals?
Alisha: I have so many of those. It's sort of like my bucket list. For the near future, though, I want to get into med school. I want to fall in love, like the head over heels forever kind. I want to travel, and write, and be happy. I think that's the one I want most of all.

Thanks again, Alisha, for letting me interview you!

I hope everyone enjoyed having a sort of mini-interview! It was a new concept, but I might start doing things like that more often. You like? 


PS: I finally got around to making a blog button! Go check it out on the buttons page (I know it's rather big - I'm working on a smaller one but it's been giving me trouble. As soon as I'm done with it I'll put it up).
PPS: You don't know how agonizing having 99 98 followers is. We're teetering on the edge of the big 1-0-0!


The Bad Blogger Chronicles

Normally when a blogger doesn't post for, say, a week. They have a good excuse.
Like, "my grandmother's funeral was out of town" or, "my internet was gone" or...
Okay, so I can't think of anything else. But my dear cousin Madi (who is awesome at telling me bluntly what needs to be done) let me know that I need to post. Badly.
I'm inclined to agree. I have been one of those terrible people that you question your following of for the past week - absolutely no posts.
My bad.
My excuse? Good, old-fashioned rest. I'm not trying to please the blogger world. I'm not going to come up with some masterpiece of words to distract you from the fact that I'm human. Because that bugs me terribly when I hear it from other bloggers sometimes.

Brain loss. Those are basically the only two words that I can think of about the state of myself right now. Well, that and soreness in the back/legs/shoulders from my backpack. Backpacks. Are. Lethal.

And they wonder why highschoolers need chiropractors.

Speaking of high school, it's going fine. With little to no homework. I asked Rebecca if that was normal. She said it was - for freshies. She, on the other hand, is a sophomore and is already working on her first essay.

Can we turn this into a for the record post? Mkay.

for the record: My little doll is walking. All over the place.

for the record: I'm in complete, deep envy of the art class students. There are a few in some of my other classes, and when they work on their homework for art I want to steal it. Oh how I drool for artistic ability. Some people count photography as art but I don't think it is - God's already painted nature so it's like taking a photo of someone else's canvas.

for the record: We got an amazing piece in chorale to perform in a month or two for something or another. It's an MGM medley and has stuff like "Singin' in the Rain", "Good Mornin'", "Make 'em Laugh", and "Over the Rainbow".
I die.

for the record: Getting up at five o'clock every morning is getting easier. Much to my deep shock.

for the record: I'm going out for our fall musical with a few friends. It's called Changing Minds, and it's a completely cheesy play concocted of part Freaky Friday and part High School Musical. I suppose it's worth a shot, though, because our school is the first to premiere it and will get a lot of media supposedly.

for the record: It rained all day today. And I had a huge urge to run in it. But I didn't.

for the record: One of my friends in world history makes these amazing mini origami pieces. The artistic ability envy returns...

for the record: I'm ready for fall; cool temperatures, boots, leggings, sweaters. Aaahh... 

for the record: I'm not gonna lie - it does bug me that my follower count has been in and out of reach for one hundred for so long... do two people without lives want to click that little button? Hm?

And the bribe/lack of creativity bit: I want to learn more about my followers. First person to comment (that has a blog) will get interviewed here, on Glittering Compositions.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend, dears! Or, as I like to put it; Labor Day: the day that everyone takes off work. Because America makes sense like that.