Autumn Calling

As I sit here, waiting for the *looks at timer* five minutes thirty five seconds left until my chocolate chip cookies for the biology project (long story that you don't need to waste your time hearing, believe me) come out of the oven, running on sheer adrenaline, cookie dough, and my third dose of caffeine, I have to write about it. 

It's my favorite season. I adore the colors of the leaves, dressing in their very best for the arrival of crisper, cooler winds. 

Autumn is a whole new palate of paint. I can only imagine how much fun God had with it. 

Let's make a season, I can almost hear Him say, where all of the warm, inviting colors of nature just explode.

Let's paint the wind and write a song to play through the crinkling of the brown and orange leaves. 

Let's have a season where everyone can appreciate the colors of orange pumpkin, rich green pine trees, and the brilliant yellow of the sun.

We've named it autumn.

And it's my favorite season of all.
PS: I need one hundred follower celebration ideas! Thoughts?


  1. i LOVE all of these photos! :)

  2. Beautiful photos and words. Autumn is my favorite season too. I love everything about it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness I love that third photo!! So beautiful.
    And you should have an activity or something where you get to know your followers better. Know their likes and dislikes, know them. You know. Of course, that's me in my non-creative stage.
    Great post, LOVE Autumn :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Ah, I love autumn! Your pictures are *so* pretty!! They capture the season perfectly. :)



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