The Bad Blogger Chronicles

Normally when a blogger doesn't post for, say, a week. They have a good excuse.
Like, "my grandmother's funeral was out of town" or, "my internet was gone" or...
Okay, so I can't think of anything else. But my dear cousin Madi (who is awesome at telling me bluntly what needs to be done) let me know that I need to post. Badly.
I'm inclined to agree. I have been one of those terrible people that you question your following of for the past week - absolutely no posts.
My bad.
My excuse? Good, old-fashioned rest. I'm not trying to please the blogger world. I'm not going to come up with some masterpiece of words to distract you from the fact that I'm human. Because that bugs me terribly when I hear it from other bloggers sometimes.

Brain loss. Those are basically the only two words that I can think of about the state of myself right now. Well, that and soreness in the back/legs/shoulders from my backpack. Backpacks. Are. Lethal.

And they wonder why highschoolers need chiropractors.

Speaking of high school, it's going fine. With little to no homework. I asked Rebecca if that was normal. She said it was - for freshies. She, on the other hand, is a sophomore and is already working on her first essay.

Can we turn this into a for the record post? Mkay.

for the record: My little doll is walking. All over the place.

for the record: I'm in complete, deep envy of the art class students. There are a few in some of my other classes, and when they work on their homework for art I want to steal it. Oh how I drool for artistic ability. Some people count photography as art but I don't think it is - God's already painted nature so it's like taking a photo of someone else's canvas.

for the record: We got an amazing piece in chorale to perform in a month or two for something or another. It's an MGM medley and has stuff like "Singin' in the Rain", "Good Mornin'", "Make 'em Laugh", and "Over the Rainbow".
I die.

for the record: Getting up at five o'clock every morning is getting easier. Much to my deep shock.

for the record: I'm going out for our fall musical with a few friends. It's called Changing Minds, and it's a completely cheesy play concocted of part Freaky Friday and part High School Musical. I suppose it's worth a shot, though, because our school is the first to premiere it and will get a lot of media supposedly.

for the record: It rained all day today. And I had a huge urge to run in it. But I didn't.

for the record: One of my friends in world history makes these amazing mini origami pieces. The artistic ability envy returns...

for the record: I'm ready for fall; cool temperatures, boots, leggings, sweaters. Aaahh... 

for the record: I'm not gonna lie - it does bug me that my follower count has been in and out of reach for one hundred for so long... do two people without lives want to click that little button? Hm?

And the bribe/lack of creativity bit: I want to learn more about my followers. First person to comment (that has a blog) will get interviewed here, on Glittering Compositions.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend, dears! Or, as I like to put it; Labor Day: the day that everyone takes off work. Because America makes sense like that. 



  1. Am I really the first one to comment?
    Love your blog

  2. haha!! i found some of this very amusing. lol. anyway glad high school is better and srry for the pain and glad that ur looking foward 2 the weirdish play and srry that uve been tired lately. wow very creative 2day arent we? *rolls eyes at self* ANYWAY loved this post. :D so happy t is walking yaaay!!

  3. I can totally relate to the "have no excuse thingy".


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