To Frolic is to Love Life

Sometimes it's just good to take a trip to the park.

Watch your little sister toddle around and discover that wood chips are not edible.

Relish in the perfect fall outfit that appears as soon as it hits seventy degrees with a slight breeze outside.
Hello autumn. We've been waiting.

The perfect outfit: My hat collection gets limited exposure now because hats are against dress code. Afternoons and weekends are my only hat-time. It's a crime, I tell you.

if I were photoshop savvy I could clone out the background and put in something a tad more sightly... but I'm not. *sigh*
And yes, I even pulled out the black leather boots (fifteen bucks at a consignment shop - score). I love boots and fully regret that you can't wear them year round without your feet sweating off of your legs. That would be another reason that autumn is my favorite season.

My lovely mom. 

T was crawling and toddling all over the place.

This girl is nuts. Promise. 

We love autumn days.

What's your favorite season?


  1. My favorite season is summer. :)

  2. awwww how adorable!!! t and m r so cute...and u totally pull of the barets girl. ;)


  3. Your sibs are so cute!! :) I love your hat too. I have one that I need to wear soon!

  4. Love these pictures! :)
    Your mom looks so young! :)

  5. My favorite season has to be summer. because I can spend more time with my family and not have to worry about school. Plus my birthday is in August.

  6. I love the pictures!
    Your outfit is cute.

  7. The kids are too cute. I am dying for your hat :)

  8. Ooh, I love the last one! I like winter, because of boots, like you, and snow which makes me giddy.

  9. Your Sibling are so cute! Your outfit is really nice too! I love your blog header. So....vintage?

  10. What cute pictures!!

    You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award on my blog.
    Go and check it out!


  11. Hey I found your blog on another blog that had a link to it. I just wanted to say that I will be reading and that I love the pictures you have taken! You must have a good camera anyway. You sound a lot like me, my name is Natalie and if you want to know anything else just check my blog out. I love the pictures!!!


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