Gearing Up

Alternate Title: 
"Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Me in November, for Your Own Safety"

I started freaking out yesterday. Mostly because I hated my plot for Nanowrimo. Don't worry, though. I sat down with my muses and brainstormed so now I have a solid plot that I actually love.
Although, I will confess, I resorted back to a spy novel.
Next year, I solemnly swear that I will write something people actually want to read. Promise.

This year, I decided to be awesome and use sticky notes for the outlining. That way, I can mix stuff up whenever I need to. And my wall will look pretty darn awesome by the end of the month, don't ya think? {yikes, look at all the plot gaps...}

I did Nano last year, and won with my novel Colorguard. Maybe someday I'll post the synopsis or something. But I will warn you - it isn't finished and, due to it being my first Nano attempt, it isn't very good. I used a ton of filler just to get to 50,000.

this book is shamelessly dog-eared. 
But no more. This year, my novel will rock. Maybe I'll even be able to finish it this time. I hope.
And, like a good novelist should, instead of actually plotting and outlining as much as I should, I've been too busy getting my room exactly right.

ignore badly edited outlet...

I set up a writing space using a scarf I got in Guatemala and another scarf-ish thing I got from an old neighbor, then used my bean bag and some other pillows. I'd like to think that it looks bohemian. 
I'd be wrong. 
But it's still cozy.

 Of course, after all that, I'll probably end up doing most of my writing on the bed. Oh well. 

Want to be my writing buddy? My username is MCat. You can find me here - I'd love to see your progress if you are participating!
I'm off to waste time on the Nanowrimo official site now instead of thinking of a title that I desperately need...
PS: Remember - I'm completely sane. Honest.


Crisp Fall Hours

I may have mentioned it before, but autumn is my absolute favorite season. Warm boots and scarves and leggings make me happy. 

{sooc!!!! *squeal*}

There's just so much color and fresh air. I love it.

is she not just so stinkin' cute?? seriously?

Plus, it's perfect writing-outside weather. I think I'll do that a lot next month. Nanowrimo, baby! 

Okay, I'm going to say it again. I heart bokeh. My friend Claire read my blog for the first time and said, "you must really like that bokeh stuff." 
True that.

What's your favorite thing to do in the fall weather?


"Are There Sharks at the Beach?"

Dad: "Yes." 
P.: "Then why are we going there?"

It was a quite lovely fall break trip to the beach.

Even though it became freezing the third day we were there, in the low fifties. But still - very photogenic.

It was T's first time.

She got really spunky while we were there - my mom had to hold her back to keep her from diving straight into the ocean!

I will confess that I only used my camera at the beach for one day. As for the other days, the paranoia of dropping my dear camera in the sand caught up with me.

We found quite a lot of shells!

But then, of course, I had to return to waking up at five, sitting through seven classes, and being around two thousand plus people every day of the week. Yay. 

I'm the most proud of this one (and the other one I snagged that was almost exactly like it): 

PS: Thanks for bearing with me during my blogging famine. I think math wants to eat me. Although I'm inclined to believe I wouldn't taste very good.