"Are There Sharks at the Beach?"

Dad: "Yes." 
P.: "Then why are we going there?"

It was a quite lovely fall break trip to the beach.

Even though it became freezing the third day we were there, in the low fifties. But still - very photogenic.

It was T's first time.

She got really spunky while we were there - my mom had to hold her back to keep her from diving straight into the ocean!

I will confess that I only used my camera at the beach for one day. As for the other days, the paranoia of dropping my dear camera in the sand caught up with me.

We found quite a lot of shells!

But then, of course, I had to return to waking up at five, sitting through seven classes, and being around two thousand plus people every day of the week. Yay. 

I'm the most proud of this one (and the other one I snagged that was almost exactly like it): 

PS: Thanks for bearing with me during my blogging famine. I think math wants to eat me. Although I'm inclined to believe I wouldn't taste very good.


  1. second photo is amazing!
    Love the header!

  2. I love these pictures - looks like so much fun!
    Wow, your high school is big! Mine is around 700 people.

  3. I love seaside pictures :) So lovely. Icky - homework.

  4. Oo! photogenic indeed! I love the 13th :)

  5. oh how beautiful! the water looks spectacular :))
    -jocee <3

  6. These are beautiful! Looks like you had a blast! Which beach were you at?

    I left you a little something on my blog! ;)


  7. Love your little end comment about Math. I feel that way VERY often. Beautiful pics.

  8. haha glad ur back girl!!! nice pics. :P


  9. Sand and cameras now scare me after my point and shoot got 'sanded' in Hawaii. The wind was blowing, sand blowing and the opening in the case was pointed the wrong way. Full of sand, needless to say. It still works, and I've turned it on to get my pics and videos off it, but... yeah. So thankful it wasn't my dslr. I would of died. pretty pictures!


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