Hello From Nanoland

It's been ten days. I've got 16,006 words under my belt, but we're out of school tomorrow so hopefully I'm going to get ahead - 20,000 by tomorrow will make me immensely happy.

Since my brain and thought processing is on the down-low currently (hello people, it's november), here are some snapshots of life lately.

Halloween was filled with princesses, pirates, and flash - that superhero no one's heard of...

{aaaahhh! the counte of monte cristo!} she took it from my room. she can keep it.

How is everyone else doing Nano? Current word counts? Are you keeping sanity?
PS: Current word count: 22,000


  1. I'm doing NaNo, my word count is at 19905! So close to 20K, good luck!

  2. Can I just say that your siblings are adorable. I do not do Nano, but I might next year. I kind of heard of it on October 31, so time to plan was nonexistence.

  3. Im really behind on nano! I only have like 4000


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