Sparkling Bright

Yesterday, as an early birthday celebration thing of sorts, Kendall came over and we had chicken pot pie and ate red velvet cupcakes and trimmed my family's tree, which has been sitting dementedly in the foyer ever since we got it on Saturday. I love the smell of Christmas trees - I can't get through the season without the piney aroma. I don't understand why people get fake trees. No offense to those who do - I just couldn't envision Christmas without it.

Christmas tree bokeh... enough said. 

We have a lot of strange ornaments, from a penguin holding a book of carols to a purple fish to every preschool/sunday school ornament known to mankind, courtesy of six kids. 

And look at this: 

Yes - it's me. Creepy, right?

Oh, sweet nostalgia. I hate changing times.

But the good thing about changing times is that I'm always reminded, especially around Christmas time, that my heavenly Father is there, keeping me from completely losing my mind from all of the stress, complications, and weirdness of everyday life.

I am turning fifteen tomorrow, ya'll. That's halfway to thirty. Which is halfway to sixty.
Yeah, I know, I'm not a generally glass-is-half-full type of person. 

Who else is getting ready for the holiday season? Who has family traditions?


  1. I love real Christmas trees too! although my mom threatens to buy a fake one as soon as me and my brother go off to college. LAME.
    cool pictures :)
    I have a little baby ornament exactly like that. except from 1995.
    happy almost-birthday!!

  2. happy birthday tomorrow!! :)

  3. Our tree is fake and pre- lit. It just makes it easier. : ) Our tree is full of hand made crafts from Sunday school as well. You can tell which ones the two year olds did. There is like five ornaments on the same branch. We gave up trying to make it nice.

    Happy Birthday.

  4. ooh, bokeh!! this was great. loved this post :))
    -jocee <3

  5. man, those pictures turned out SO good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D



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