Yes, I'm Alive. Again.

Guys, I just want to thank you so much for bearing with me through the month of November. I ended up being way more into my novel then I originally thought, so my poor little blog got left in the dust.
On a much lighter note, I finished my second Nanowrimo a whopping six days early! I cannot tell you how excited I was - and I beat my friend Claire, who finished two days later. It was awesome to have a noveling buddy, let me tell you. More competition. Nerd competition, may I add. We were slinging novel-related threats at each other all month.

C: "On Friday, I won't be able to write because my cousins are coming for Thanksgiving."
M: "Good, that means that while I'm at the lake I can beat your word count to the dust. You won't even see it coming and you'll never be able to catch up." *growls*

No joke.

Anyway, before I bombard you with things from my book (that'll come in a later post once I've peeled myself away from the sequel that I'm already 4,000 words into), I'll just post lots of pretty pictures from the lake house, k?

I absolutely love the lakehouse. It's more relaxing to me then the beach because it's literally in the middle of nowhere and, consequently, has zero tourism. It's just us out there, with the few neighbors who never come out of their houses, sipping sweet tea and gazing out over the lake.
{kidding. i hate sweat tea. but it was a nice image.}

Something is extremely fascinating about the sticks that lay around the shore, apparently, because the little kids never stop playing with them, from fishing to building bridges to nowhere (aka leading into the middle of the lake...). 

The weather was decently gorgeous until the last day, when it rained. But that was okay because we had to stay inside to clean the house before we left anyway.

please tell me I'm justified in being completely obsessed with this picture of my cousin. 

And yes, I've discovered my new obsession with water bokeh. 

And bonfire bokeh as well. Love.

On the day of Thanksgiving, the kitchen was busy with turkeys cooking and casseroles baking and dessert making. And then we all ate too much and went into a turkey-induced sleep.

How was your Thanksgiving?
PS: My birthday is in four days! I cannot believe that I'm almost fifteen. I haven't even thought about studying for a permit yet...


  1. ooh, bokeh. beautiful!
    OMG your birthday's in four days? mine's in nine! and i'll be fifteen, too! goodness, we're getting so old. happy early birthday, dear one :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Wow! Your birthday is in 4 days!!!??? Mine is TODAY!! WOW! Haha!
    I can't wait to hear about your novel. To bad we aren't in class together anymore so I can read it secretly in between classes and during lunch. Hehe. Love you and it's great to hear from you again! I had a great Thanksgiving. Glad you did too! :) <3

  3. It's ok, I didn't start studying for my permit for 6ish months after I turned 14 (Which is when we can get it here in Canada.)
    I didn't have thanksgiving over the weekend but I did have my birthday, which was pretty great. Is there anything better then being surrounded by people you love?
    Congrats on finishing your novel! I've got a little idea spinning round in my head for a sequel to, but we'll have to wait and see where that goes...

  4. Congratulations on winning NaNoWriMo! I totally agree on having a writing buddy - it makes it so much more fun and competitive. And you won early?!?! Insert jealous expression here. I barely made it to 50,000 words by 7pm on November 30, but I did it. Oh, and your water and campfire bokeh is stunning. I shall have to try that sometime...


  5. Super awesome bokeh! I really like that one of your cousin too... because of the bokeh in the background. defenitly adds a nice touch :)

  6. ahhhh!! send me the sequel!! so glad you posted. do you realize that you had ONE post for nov? thats got 2 stop. :) luv u anyways...


  7. I turned fifteen two days ago! I took an online drivers course, now all that's left is to take the test, yikes! I tried NaNoWriMo this year but failed miserably, I only got to 11k, oh well ;) I had a nice Thanksgiving at home with my family :D

  8. hehe, We had those same turkey thingy, at our thanksgiving too! :)
    Yay for being back!!!!

  9. the butterfly...your cousin...the bokeh...love it!
    congrats on NaNoWriMo! I can't wait to hear more about it :)

  10. That butterfly is so beautiful! Great pictures! I love the fire and the water bokeh as well. :D


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