Promise Me You Will Never Forget to Laugh

So some people *coughmadiandkendallcough* have been harping on me to get a post up, as I've been so extraordinarily busy that I have had hardly any time to touch my poor little blog. I'm afraid it has been slid discreetly into a corner.
*dusts off publish button* 
There. All better. 

So Madi turned sixteen and I could not believe it. She keeps thinking I'm a downer for saying this but I still cannot believe how old we are. Okay. Rant over.

She went all pinteresty with her party, which I loved. Duh.

It was just a great way to round out summer, you know? Loverly things like water balloons, grapes, tissue paper flowers, and laughs with friends that I hardly see anymore. A day to be treasured.

Plus, it was during golden hour, which gave me much happiness.

And her cake had a king's cake version of herself being eaten by dinosaurs as she slid down a water slide, making it pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

And now it's that awkward stage when autumn can't come fast enough and we're stuck in school, wading through life and wishing for some free time. I miss summer. My poor camera hasn't been touched in weeks, and outside time is down to an embarrassing minimum.
Oh well. C'est la vie.
PS: Thanks followers, for staying loyal while I've been in alien-abduction mode. You rock.


Secret sisters. A guest post by Madison.

Oh how I have missed the blogging world! It's good to be back!

I'm Madison. Formally known as frogger (If you go to Mary cat's links you can find 'frogger' and learn more about me from Mary Catherine's point of view). MC and I go way back. There are few memories I have that she is not apart of. We grew up together. From three to sixteen she has been there through it all. That's what I want to talk about.

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to post about. There are so many things but I settled on friendship. So here we go...

This picture is the oldest picture I have of Mary Catherine and I. Now I'm sure there are older ones out there but I would have no clue where to start looking.

Aren't childhood pictures the best? Oh boy...
It was me, Mary Catherine, and Allison. We were inseparable. Just like any 9-11 year old girl, we had a club. And who doesn't love clubs? We had posters, secret codes, secret powers, pretend horses.. We had it all. We were the secret sisters.

All three of us at our babysitters wedding.  My personal favorite of us. August 2006.

The thing we were never told is that one day we would grow up and by growing up, that meant growing apart. Allison is now in Indiana. Mary Catherine and I are in Tennessee. And you wanna know something funny? We don't talk everyday. And we aren't apart of an awesome secret sisters club anymore. It's sad some days. But on day's like today you realize that even though we aren't as close as we were then, when Allison comes back to town, you would have never guessed she left. And to me, that's awesome.

Haha! Terrible picture. But its all three of us! We were at the redbirds game June 2011. 

Beautiful Alli!! 2011

Madi. 2011

Gorgeous MCat. 2011
(Sorry for no 2012 pictures. I need to work on that.)

I miss them like crazy. Even though Mary C and I live in the same city we don't see each other as much as we would both prefer. But I've decided that's okay. Because it makes the time we are together that much more special. And we have both learned that lesson with Allison.

You have to let go of your childhood and grow up. But don't ever let go of your memories. they are a precious gift you will carry with you throughout your life.

I wouldn't be who I am without these girls and I think they can safely say the same. I love them and can't wait to be reunited with them soon!

John 15:13 NIV 
Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

 Happy Sunday! 
xoxo - Madison


Popsicles on a Cloudy Day

It's been rainy all week, which is fun for writing and reading (and sleeping) and such. Although not so fun when I have to work on summer work, and suddenly, the overwhelming urge to fall asleep comes over me after I painstakingly head my paper. It's the funniest thing...
Yesterday we took a little break from what we were doing and headed outside for a bit in little tents to read. Well, the littles did. The bigs couldn't fit, so we satisfied ourselves with providing water and taking pictures. The weather was a tad humid, so I will confess that I promptly made it back inside within five minutes of taking these shots. Oh well. At least that means it's still summer. For now. But summer work is gradually starting to drag me under. Supply lists are piling up. Foreshadows of assignments are haunting the corners of my head. 
And I'm afraid I'm going to have to say farewell to summer much sooner than I would like.


On the Town

Sometimes it's plain interesting to be a tourist in your own city. So when Becca and I were hanging out with my grandparents a few days ago and they suggested going downtown, we decided to make an adventure out of it. We went everywhere, to historic places my grandfather suggested and to fun museums (with the creepy wax people that look like they're about to murder you) and the monorail. We walked a lot and got milkshakes and went into stores we couldn't afford and took lots and lots of pictures. 

I'm always the first to say that I'm going to leave our small town when I get older - go up north, perhaps, or to a big city and live in a loft, sipping latte in the early morning. And I still want that. But I do need to remember that sometimes your own city is just as exhilarating as the ones you dream about; all of its history is fascinating as well.  The people have stories that they tell in the forms of small restaurants and paintings, and the buildings have a history that we may or may not figure out. 

And that's when I remind myself that the sky is blue; the grass is green. The day is hot and we are sweaty but we don't really mind because we're adventurers in our own town, discovering it's secrets and breathing in its details. A breeze whispers past us as we wade in the water and skip through the dirt; it's summer. We have four glorious weeks left to live and make something of ourselves; discover and not be reprimanded for it. So we need to take advantage of it. It's not Europe; not Paris or the Mona Lisa or the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace. But it's home. And before we dream of things far away, across mountains and oceans, we need to embrace the things in front of us. 

So go; embrace your town. And see what you can discover.



The Bombs Bursting in Air

With me, shooting fireworks is a hit-or-miss. They either come out like this:

Or this: 

But this year, I was quite happy with most of my resulting shots. Fire in any form is massively photogenic.

Oh, and I'm obsessed with bokeh. But you knew that.

The smoke was rather in our way, and the ashes were dropping all over the place. I smelled like soot by the time we made it home. But that was okay. We looked like an electric circus with all of our glow accessories, the highlight (pun intended) of any Fourth.

What about you? Have you picked up any tips when shooting fireworks? How was your fourth of July?


She Found That Her World Was a Stage

I've really come into my own as a performer this year. And when all of the siblings and I ('cept for T, who was, quite obviously, too young) got into Sleeping Beauty at our city's theatre, I was beyond excited. Sure, it's a short kid's play. But it was just so much fun.

One of the most fun parts was spray painting my old pointe shoes a solid silver glitter coat for fairy shoes.

Flora, Fauna, and Maleficent.

Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna.
Of course, my first reaction to being cast as a fairy was disbelief (I am the most negative person in the county, and I'm not hyper, not chatty, etc.), but with enough sparkles, tulle, and glitter hairspray, I was able to pull it off. And I'm not going to lie - wielding a wand around is pretty fun. Still - it was a stretch.

M was a bird, P was the young prince and a frog, M.D. was a guard, and C was the king.

And Kendall was Prince Philip's mother.

Backstage is one of my absolute places to be. You form such a strong bond with the cast that everyone's depressed when it's over. It really is a family.

Amelia, whose facial expressions are to die for.

Alli with about half of the animals.

me with the best (and cutest) assistant stage manager on the planet.

the men. I guess that was P's impression of a prince's face.

aurora with her animals.

Fauna magically bringing the bucket, mop, and broom to life - note the shoes.

photobombing award of the century goes to... Amelia. The goons were practicing their fairy-eating. Don't be alarmed.

the gang's all here

Ah, yes. We closed Saturday night, leaving it as the best-selling summer kids show that the theatre has ever had. I'm going to miss theatre life. But at least it won't be too long before we get back to it - rehearsals for Into the Woods start next month, so I'll get out my curling iron yet again to be an ugly stepsister, and Kendall's the baker's wife. 
What are some of your favorite plays?