For the Record...

for the record: I haven't done one of these in a while, and I wanted to do one now. Mary Catherine logic right there...

for the record: Today is the one year anniversary of this blog! I can't believe I've made it this far and (although there have been rough patches) stuck with it. But it's fun, and blogging is a place to share my thoughts. I hope to stay awhile.

for the record: Yesterday it was around thirty degrees, and today it reached seventy. I wish the weather would pick a constant temperature. That's one of the main reasons I hate living here (don't get me wrong, I love everyone here) - the weather is wacked out.

for the record: Pray for Kendall and I on Wednesday! We've been rehearsing for months to audition for our local performing arts center's "rising stars" concert. We're doing For Good again, and we've practiced so much and our voices have grown so much stronger that it sounds a bajillion trillion times better than it did almost a year ago. Plus, since this is a bigger deal, we choreographed it a little bit. I'm way excited, in case you couldn't tell.

for the record: I'm slowly - slowly - getting back into the groove of school. I've overslept the past two days, but hopefully I'll catch up on zz's this weekend and be up and ready for next week.
Or not. ugh.

for the record: Would you believe I haven't had a chance to use my camera lens thermos yet? I guess I'll probably end up making hot chocolate in it to bring to school one day randomly.

for the record: Finally got a Pinterest! It happened through a long and complicated process in which I created and then deleted a Twitter account. Because I don't have facebook and I don't want a Twitter account. Now I'm addicted, just like all of the other bloggers out there. Check out my boards and feel free to follow!

for the record: Since I'm in school this year, I get to do solo & ensemble. We've gotten together a four person ensemble and we're going to do the choral version that I have of "Popular" from Wicked. I would be doing "Defying Gravity" for my solo if my mom didn't want me to do a classical piece. Yep, I'm on a Wicked music streak...

for the record: Gloria and I have started hosting a photo challenge! She took the reigns for the first week - go check it out to see rules and enter! It will be here the week after next. :)

for the record: That's about all the news for today *imitates newscaster voice*. Until next time, remember, we're on your side.

that's how my little sister fell asleep the other day...



  1. For the record: Our photo challenge started today! Go check it out: www.discovercaptivating.blogspot.com - Anything you think we should change?

  2. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY! Wow, a year goes quick, huh? And naww, so cute!

  3. one time my sister fell asleep with her eyes open, reading a book. that was so creepy. but anyway...
    happy blogaversary!! how lovely. :))
    -jocee <3

  4. hey.. is your header new? because i LOVE it!

  5. haha very nice. The header is too die for, but i think i mentioned that one last time.


  6. Hey, Mary Catherine!
    I have awarded you the Kreativ Blog Award!
    Go to my blog to check it out and claim your award.

    Love the picture!



  7. Changing schedules and weather is rough.

    Oh, and that is a cute header.. just stumbled on your blog. :)


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