Guess Who's Too Busy To Post?

Alternative title: Please read!
This girl. At least for the time being. But until I come back (no, it will not be months. maybe a few more days), I have another questions to pose to the public.
Unforunately, not too many people made group name suggestions (even though a lot of them were awesome! :)), so instead of anyone getting interviewed, we actually brainstormed today, came up with a long, long list of name possibilities, and narrowed it down to two.
Now we need you to vote! Go to the sidebar and choose:

Awkward Silence


Take Note


The winner will be our group name and once picked, I'll set up the youtube channel.



  1. *does little dance* so excited!!


  2. Hm... that's hard one, especially since I know both of you personally. Those 2 wouldn't be my top faves because you don't really ever have an awkward silence...and for me Take Note doesn't make much since. I would go with something more like...Endless Laughter, Never a silent moment, or something a long those lines. Those would be my pick. But, as far as I know, those 2 that you listed could have some special meaning for you. But it's hard for me to pick between the two. It would help if I knew what this name was for...?

  3. Ok, sorry bout that. I just read the whole "we will set up the youtube channel" thing. In that case, I would CERTAINLY go with "Awkward Silence"!

  4. haha!! well, sb, take note is like, well, note as in like a song..and we are taking it...mkay forget that. I love endless laughter though...its a neat band name!! but heaven forbid we don't need any more names!!! we had like a HUUUUGE list... :D


  5. Hey Mary Catherine! You've been tagged! It's your turn to post 11 things about yourself and answer 11 random questions. Details on my blog.

  6. Hmmm, I like Awkward Silence better than Take Note (it's more intriguing or something), but I like Endless Laughter even better. :) Oh, and I got here - to your blog, that is - from Sarah Elizabeth's blog. ;)


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