The Horse Whisperer {edited photos}

Kendall's been making fun of me for it, but I cannot stop repeating how ecstatic I am about these shots. And after I edited them, they only got more golden and glorious and mythical and book-cover looking.
I've dubbed this shoot "the horse whisperer" because a) it's fitting to the animals, duh and b) I went back over to the pasture today and could not get the horses to snuggle as much as Kendall did. Clearly they can spot a horse person from a mile away. Eek.

I messed around with all of the shots a ton, mostly with black and white and boosting color and sometimes antiquing the look a little. Critiques would be awesome!

I love the texture of his fur and how clear it is in most of these.

With all of the colors boosted and the light brought into the image more, all of these just blew me away. Kendall didn't even have to worry about posing, she was just having fun with Tex (that's what we found out that the horse's name was, when the owner came out and talked to us... after I fearfully asked her if it was ok that I was taking pictures). 

Everything was surrounded in a halo of afternoon golden hour light, and the colors were so vibrant, that they take my breath away. 

That one's a little funny with the angle, and I tend to agree with Kendall in that it made him look like a mule, but I like the in-the-way look it has, almost comically.

I still cannot get over the rays of light and natural edge blur in this one.

Enjoy and tell me what you think! :)
PS: Blogger is being unattractive and will not let me upload my new header, even though I've already deleted my previous ones from picasa web. Any tips?


  1. Amazing photos!!



  2. These are beautiful! I especially like the last few. :)

  3. MC--you are so talented! Maybe I should get you to come take some pics of the kiddos! That would be so fun! :) These are beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the beautiful simplicity.

  5. Gah. These are stunning! I was literally ahhing over them. So beautiful.


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