Seventy Degrees on Leap Day

It's been seventy degrees outside all week. This throws Mary Catherine off because it's the middle of what's supposed to be winter/beginning of spring and it's supposed to be snowing. 
It throws her off because this is summer weather that should include the absence of scholastic achievement, bare feet, and swimsuits. But she's still stuck in school every day. 
This makes no sense.
No clue why I was talking in third person... 

The sun is gorgeous and sets every day around four because even though it's been rainy, the clouds always clear in time for the golden hues and radiant rays. 

The whole sun flare thing? I'm officially hooked. And the horses love me now, fyi. 

Let the compulsive nature photography commence.

What's your favorite thing to do in ethereal weather like this?


  1. It is BEAUTIFUL there! Nice pictures.

  2. These photos are gorgeous, and those sun flares are absolutely edible!

  3. Nice photos!!! I love sun flares, too.

    It's like 30 degrees where I live!!!

  4. Gorgeous again mcat!! And what I like do to when it's seventy degrees and february is ABSOLUTELY nothing. but we all know that's impossible. until summer. deep sigh.


  5. Exactly! I'm like, hello February, not suppossed to be this warm! Lovely photos by the way :)


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