Sunflare and the Smell of Horses

Yes, I am alive.
But if anyone from Russia asks, my name is a really long and unpronounceable title belonging to the ruler's second cousin's daughter.
Moving on.

Today Kendall came over to hang out, which we haven't done in forever because before this we always rehearsed when we got together, for the concert (which I will be posting about later, meanwhile go to youtube.com/user/kmtakenotemusic for the rehearsal video). It was such a welcome break because I haven't been able to pick up a camera for just some fun photos in a long time. Months, people.
Kendall, who obviously has the knack for horses, attracted them like moths to a flame (lame overused analogy, but whatever).
We walked over to the horse field near my house, the one with the no trespassing signs (which we did not violate, by the way. We just leaned over the fence and soaked in all the horsie-ness. The electric fence was off. Ahem.
Sun flare + horses + Kendall's amazing golden hair = I almost died, ya'll.

This, to me, proves just how much Kendall is crazy about horses. Sheer joy has never been better displayed. Of course, I was just squealing about sun flare. But I love horses too. 

These are some of the best sooc shots I have ever gotten in my entire life. Promise. 

Straight. Out. Of. The. Camera. ^that's one of my favorites of all time^

He just met her and he was giving her a kiss! :) 

I promise I'll be posting more now - school has been crazy hectic this semester but I will gradually work my way back up to a few posts a week. Thanks for sticking around for me, guys. 


  1. Love the pictures! Nice to see you back too! :)

  2. These are seriously amazing! I would have been freaking out about that sunflare, too :)

  3. Ah, Love these! I totally wish you would come here and take pictures of me and my horsie! So beautiful

  4. Breathtaking as usual mcat. Thanks for the golden hair bit, but i have to argue with you on that one. Happy you're back!



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