Spring Break Sounded its Call and We All Ran for Our Lives

It feels amazing outside, you guys. We've visited the horses multiple times over the past week or so, so here's some general happy-horsie-friend-overload pictures for you. I went once with Anna and another time with Claire and Kendall. Any pictures without my watermark were taken by Anna. (thanks Anna!!)

We've concluded that Tex just so happens to love redheads. 

I love the bluntness of this picture...

Personal favorite below...

Anna took these two and I love them because they crack me up. He wouldn't stop going after the camera.

i forgot to watermark this one

The light at this field is always so darn gorgeous by the end of the day. I could eat it with a spoon.

whoops, this one too

And when I went with Claire and Kendall...

We were enjoying ourselves.

What're you doing over spring break?

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  1. awwww how cute!!! I love the one with the ladybug. :)



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