Not Afraid of Heights, Just Afraid of Falling

This past weekend, we went on a quick twenty-four hour soul cleansing trip to the lakehouse. The weather was phenomenal and the way the waves lapped against the edge of the boat made me want to run away and never come back. 

There are some days when you need a break. You need to be able to sit, dipping your toes in freezing water and contemplating all that God has made. You need to clear your head and be able to think again amid the hectic life you're stuck in.

Being there, enjoying the fresh air, taking pictures, thinking and praying - praying a lot. Weekend vacations are a God-thing.

Sheer joy is something that is rarer than it used to be - it's occurrences started fading with yesterday's youth. But having times like these give it back, and rejuvenate my spirit. It's just enough to keep us going.

Sometimes we must be reminded that beauty is in the simple things. It's in a grin as the wind blows our hair every which way, a bright yellow wildflower, and a deep breath as your heart reminds you that things will be okay soon enough.

We climbed a mountain - it's name is Sugarloaf, and as strange as it is to say, I haven't climbed it in a decade. 


saw this little charmer on the way up.

oh, the places my little camera has been

I lift my eyes up to the hills
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, 
Maker of Heaven and Earth.
Psalm 121:1-2

Now, four more weeks of school. Surely I can pull that off. I think.


Nickers and Giggles

We went to the stables last Saturday to hang out and take pictures, because that's just what we do. Besides, ya'll know that one of my favorite things ever to take pictures of is Kendall and any form of a horse. So be prepared for a photo explosion.

It was so gorgeous, with the sun shining and the gold resonating on everyone's it's-almost-summer warm skin and june-please-be-here-soon shining hair.

It was a glorious seventy to eighty degrees, which was amazing. Of course, yesterday morning it was forty degrees, which is not so amazing. I digress.

And if the equestrian veterinarian thing doesn't work out? Kendall and I are opening an equestrian modeling agency, because she rocks at it. Only she doesn't know it yet.

How adorable are they?

And of course, the horse eye picture obsession is ever-evident.

I also met Kendall's friend Julianna, who, it turns out, is as obsessed with the camera as I am, which rocks. She took any pictures that don't contain my watermark.

kendall's friend shannon

forgot to watermark this one but it was taken by me.

PS: Got the top set of braces off today. It feels so weird...


Escaping to a World of Tulle and Pink Stitches

My old pointe shoes were completely shot, so I had to get new ones this week since recital is a month away.

Even though it's time consuming and tedious, there's something relaxing about sewing the ribbons onto pointe shoes. Really.

And dancing? It's the perfect combo of pain and elegance, but any soreness is outweighed by the lovely of the pink satin.