A Warm Day With Friends is Good for the Soul

Anna decided to get everybody together for a girl day, like we sometimes have in the past. Ashley, Madi, Carsyn, Anna, Mary Margaret, and I all went to the house of a woman Anna knows to paint pottery.

{photos without my watermark taken by madi or anna's mom}

Anna painted the cutest teacups and saucers. 

The lady's dog - it kept jumping into Madi's chair.

My half-painted bumblebee.

My pot - I'm thinking I'll write up my bucket list and keep it in there.

Madi's mug was adorable.

Friends remind me that life is sweet. Life is fun. Sometimes you don't have to have an agenda.

Days like that remind me that life rocks. Friendship is awesome. And the Lord is good. 


  1. Agreed! Spent today celebrating one of my good friend's birthday. I love when you said "friends remind me that life is sweet, life is fun, sometimes you don't have to have an agenda."
    That was so true for me today.

  2. Awww!!! Sweet pictures. :D



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