Golden Afternoons Mean the Most to Me

Today some of the cousins (not all two hundred of them, as Kendall says, just the littles) came over to celebrate Good Friday with us. And I was off school. Nothing feels better. 

The sun beamed down on us in rays that encouraged bare feet as the little ones ran around to find colorful plastic eggs and placed them tenderly in baskets.

I love my cousin's eyes. Seriously. Let's take a moment of silence for that shade of blue, why don't we?

I digress. 

How did you spend your Good Friday?


  1. Your cousins eyes are gorgeous! Such cute pictures :)

  2. The kids are so cute! My Friday was just a normal school day. Blehh. But today, I'm spending the day bike riding in one of my favorite towns on the harbour. Plenty of pix for my blog coming soon!

  3. Lovely pictures, Mcat! I wish i had eyes like that...


  4. @Kendall - you practically do!!! :D


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