Nickers and Giggles

We went to the stables last Saturday to hang out and take pictures, because that's just what we do. Besides, ya'll know that one of my favorite things ever to take pictures of is Kendall and any form of a horse. So be prepared for a photo explosion.

It was so gorgeous, with the sun shining and the gold resonating on everyone's it's-almost-summer warm skin and june-please-be-here-soon shining hair.

It was a glorious seventy to eighty degrees, which was amazing. Of course, yesterday morning it was forty degrees, which is not so amazing. I digress.

And if the equestrian veterinarian thing doesn't work out? Kendall and I are opening an equestrian modeling agency, because she rocks at it. Only she doesn't know it yet.

How adorable are they?

And of course, the horse eye picture obsession is ever-evident.

I also met Kendall's friend Julianna, who, it turns out, is as obsessed with the camera as I am, which rocks. She took any pictures that don't contain my watermark.

kendall's friend shannon

forgot to watermark this one but it was taken by me.

PS: Got the top set of braces off today. It feels so weird...


  1. No top braces?? YAY!!!
    moving on.
    Gorgeous photos, as usual, my dear.

  2. ohmygosh, your so gorgeous! <3
    lovely, awesome photos!


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