Heralding Sunbeams

I wish there was a defined word in the English language for the feeling that one gets when summer begins. 
A word for the supreme sense of freedom, accomplishment, and the intense need to be barefoot and brush your toes in the grass. 
A name for the aura of golden sun that makes everyone's faces brighter and warms one right down to their soul.
A feeling of new hope.

God paints with a gold-tipped brush when summertime comes - I know it. He outlines the trees and the strands of hair that are sweat-stuck to our foreheads. The light refracts in and out of our eyes and shines like a copper penny.

Are you out of school yet? If not, when do you get out? What are you doing this summer?



  1. I wish I was out of school! I think my final exam is on june 15th or something like that. I am already counting down the days, I can't wait!

  2. I finished my English course this week, yay! I'll finish history next week, then all I'll have left to do is math, which I'll unfortunately be continuing over the summer. :)

  3. so cute! i still have 4 weeks of school left. i can't wait until summer! :)


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