She Dreamt With Her Feet and Went Where They Took Her

I love to be on stage. It's the thing that thrills me to the very tips of my fingertips and toes, that lights up my face, and sends my heart racing. My love is performing.

When my mom asked what my favorite thing about ballet recitals was as she was restricting my hair into a bun, my answer was quick.

"Getting ready."
"Not the actual performance?"
"That's second."

It's true - I'm a glitzy girl at heart. I love applying mascara and eyeshadow and sparkly hairspray as much as your average pageant girl. Which is probably part of the reason that I love performing entirely too much. That's how I know it's what I want to do with my life.


madi - lovely as usual

The rehearsal was discouraging - long and stressful and confusing and full of mistakes, at least on my part. I was unfocused and annoyed with myself.
But luckily, that made a complete turnaround yesterday, and we pulled off Swan Lake with minimal mistakes and lots of gorgeousness.

hannah - she's amazing, just to let ya'll know.

As usual, the little girls backstage had my heart melting into mini-puddles as I soaked up the overdoses of cuteness.

The curtains closed, the rustle of breathless, skirt-clad girls ceased behind it, and the music started. The opening notes made us freeze into graceful positions and we danced our hearts out, just for the love of it. The polished wood gleamed off of our silk and tulle skirts as we spun and spread liberal amounts of glitter everywhere like defective fairies.

those shorts started trending sometime at the beginning of second semester...

These girls are like my second family. We've grown up together - we met with our feet inside teeny pink shoes as early as the age of seven. We love each other, comfort each other, build each other up. It's something that makes one smile a lot.

And naturally, seeing the little girls in their pale skirts, looking nervous and confused, we get nostalgic. We point and say, "hey, that was us eight years ago". And we can't believe how far we've come.

Life is like pointe shoes.
We have to break through the hard stuff
Keep going even if it hurts
Stay strong
Look beautiful
Stay in time with the music
Be confident
Be bold
Trust the support of the people who care
Go where our legs take us
And always, like a true dancer
Dream with our feet.

-mary catherine



  1. This is so amazing! I love your writing and pictures, and the whole thing kind of makes me wish I had done ballet...Maybe. A little. :)

  2. Absolutely lovely in every way. You're gorgeous, ballet shoes are gorgeous, little girls are gorgeous, put them all together and voila. :D Love you!


  3. You make me wish I danced!
    This was so beautiful, and I really loved the quote you put at the end.
    I actually wrote a post on my blog - to be published tomorrow - about dancing, so this came at the perfect time for me.
    Love this, and love you

  4. so pretty :) Could we see pictures of you dancing... pretty please :))))

  5. so funnn...I love ballet. I've never taken ballet, but I've always loved everything about it. You look lovely, Mary!!


  6. Nice pictures! I love the first and sixth :)


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