Sun Bokeh in Our Hair and Gleams in Our Eyes

Yesterday, Kendall, Sara Beth, and I went to our zoo for an afternoon to celebrate summer. Because I hadn't gotten to hang out with Kendall in a while, and because I hadn't seen Sara Beth in almost a year (how did we let that happen?), we soaked up sun and giggled and caught each other up on life and giggled some more. Because that's just what we do.

Oh. And we fed giraffes. Because we're cool like that.

The giraffe's tongues are almost two feet long. And blue. And sticky.

I liked them because I relate to them (being awkwardly tall-ish and all).

Kendall liked them because they're, well, kinda like horses. Almost.
With the exception of the coloring. And the height.

And Sara Beth liked them because - they're giraffes. Why does anyone actually need a reason to like them?

Man I love these kids... 

So here's to summer. And fun. And giggling until your stomachs hurt and eating dippin' dots even when you're full and freaking out when the jaguar makes weird noises and making inside jokes that no one understands. And here's to the meerkats. 'Cause they're pretty cool too. 
K I'm done. 


  1. Awww, that giraffe is sooo cute :) I just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway right now. Please check it out. Thanks!


  2. Wow those turned out really well! I can't get enough of the cuteness overload that the giraffe happens to provide. And that TOUNGE.


  3. I just found this post! those pictures are awesome! had fun with you guys!


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