When One Drinks Sunshine, it Goes Down Like Euphoria

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." 
-Psalm 19:1

The other day I didn't even get out of my pajamas or put on makeup until around three o'clock - laziness is fun, let me tell you. Sitting on the driveway (in aforementioned pj's) while watching the little girls run around amidst bubbles and soaking up sunshine is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the day. Summer is something that is good for the soul; sometimes it's nice to rest and just breathe. And the air - it's a new wonder, so fresh and clean and new, riding on the breeze. The new mid-year leaves dance in the wind, and the grass shouts, "I'm so green! Look at me!" The aqua sky isn't blemished by a single grey cloud, and the ground is just warm enough for bare feet to sift through the grass. Late night walks while braving humidity, espresso frozen yogurt, and giggles - lots of them, like always, especially while at rehearsal for our local theatre's production of Sleeping Beauty. I love little green Fauna and everything, I just don't think I was born to play her. It'll be a stretch. Kendall can testify. 

Eating too much and promising to work out tomorrow, avoiding mosquitoes, obsessing over bokeh. Going to see movies about tornadoes, singing lots and lots for no reason whatsoever, and embracing life. Practicing piano until my fingers were calloused for guild. Swimming until our skin is the color of a beige pony's, hair dripping in strings around our rosy faces. Completely cleaning out my bedroom, and letting the evening sunsets drip golden light on my pillows. Swinging in the backyard and letting our rambunctious golden puppy lick every inch of my face and fingers and toes until he finally settles down enough to snuggle up. Grilling out and enjoying the smell of steak (even though no, I still won't eat it). 

Life is just so gorgeous, ya'll. So have some sweet tea and sit on your back porches and soak it up. Ya'll. (southern attempt = fail.) 


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  1. Okay. Before i say anything about the post, let's clear something up.
    You make a lovely Fauna.
    End of story.
    NOW. Lovely post. Unbelievable pictures. Nice bokeh. :) Here's to summer!!



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