Photoshoot with the Cousin

Because saying we were taking portraits would just be boring.

Whenever Madi comes over, we take pictures. Because it's just what we do. But you knew that. Prepare for a photo overload. Again. *sheepish grin*

These horses have been featured more on my blog than anything else. Ha!

You know what I love? All of my friends are drop-dead gorgeous, which is a complete photographer's happy place. Blue eyes, anyone?

posing fail of the century goes to...

Naturally, M had to tag along too. 

Then we went inside and took some fashion-magazine-imitation shots, which was uber fun.

Love this girl. 
What have you guys been up to lately?


Snickers and Saddles

Kendall and I went to the horse show again this year to cheer on her two barn friends, Lucy and MG. They both did amazing, winning lots of ribbons! Congrats to you two!
Nothing much to be said about the horse show except that it was fabulous, as always. :)


For the Record

for the record: Kendall and I are way too spoiled with those horses that live down the street. Well, I don't know - they could be more spoiled by us, what with all the apples and carrots. But either way, we go down there whenever we can, and it rocks.

for the record: you know my Nano novel? The one I was really excited about but never actually shared for you guys? Yeah, that one. Well, I finally finished editing and will be getting my five free copies really soon. Eep.

for the record: this. weather. has. been. crazy amazing. Seriously - we've barely had one day above ninety degrees. Mildest summer on record, and I am loving it. 

for the record: Sleeping Beauty rehearsals are fun. And super-cheesy. That is all.

for the record: Hallmark has been airing a The Love Saga movies each night this week, which is a problem. My mother and I have been addicted ever since the first one premiered so many years ago. But my philosophy is that you can never give up a good, predictably cheesy Hallmark movie. 

for the record: I can finally read for fun now that I'm out of school, and I've had my nose in a book all month. There is something so relaxing about that. 

for the record: I want to go on vacation. That is all.

for the record: Of course, I want to know how you guys have been spending the summer. Tell me below! 



Cups and Saucers and No Elbows on the Table

Today, while the boys were off and away at art camp, we girls decided to have a tea party. Of course, this entailed some obsessive pinteresting and primping and such, which made it fun. There's never a shortage in little girl cousin cuteness.

the menu: 

chocolate strawberries
raspberry tea

taken by mom 

Naturally, manners must be abandoned every once in a while in order to create fun.


Grown-Up Glittering Eyes

I still remember when she was born.
It was a late night. My mom went into labor and P and I went to my aunt's house, where I spent the night with my younger cousin who periodically sleep-walked and decided that my stomach was a pillow. But I endured it because I love her. 
The next day, we entered the hospital and I saw for the first time the little girl who I had prayed for for eleven years, waiting. Don't get me wrong, my brothers rock. But they aren't the same as having someone with a girlish giggle, tendency to wear glitter, and need to have her hair done. 
She loves pink and sparkles and coloring and dressing up. She likes to have her hair braided and she wants to do ballet so badly that she dances around the house every single day. She eats chocolate and helps me bake cookies. She's silly and loud and sings like nobody's business. 
And she's always available for an impromptu afternoon shoot. 
PS: What sibling quirks do you notice the most?