For the Record

for the record: Kendall and I are way too spoiled with those horses that live down the street. Well, I don't know - they could be more spoiled by us, what with all the apples and carrots. But either way, we go down there whenever we can, and it rocks.

for the record: you know my Nano novel? The one I was really excited about but never actually shared for you guys? Yeah, that one. Well, I finally finished editing and will be getting my five free copies really soon. Eep.

for the record: this. weather. has. been. crazy amazing. Seriously - we've barely had one day above ninety degrees. Mildest summer on record, and I am loving it. 

for the record: Sleeping Beauty rehearsals are fun. And super-cheesy. That is all.

for the record: Hallmark has been airing a The Love Saga movies each night this week, which is a problem. My mother and I have been addicted ever since the first one premiered so many years ago. But my philosophy is that you can never give up a good, predictably cheesy Hallmark movie. 

for the record: I can finally read for fun now that I'm out of school, and I've had my nose in a book all month. There is something so relaxing about that. 

for the record: I want to go on vacation. That is all.

for the record: Of course, I want to know how you guys have been spending the summer. Tell me below! 



  1. I wish my nano novel was done! I sent it out for editing, and should be getting it back real soon so I can send it out and get my free copies!
    I have one week left of school, so not quite summer yet for me, but I can't wait!

  2. Haha. I agree with all of the above. :D my mom loves the pictures by the way!!!


  3. Hey, Mary Catherine! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! Go check it out on my blog. :)

  4. These pictures are adorable!


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