Promise Me You Will Never Forget to Laugh

So some people *coughmadiandkendallcough* have been harping on me to get a post up, as I've been so extraordinarily busy that I have had hardly any time to touch my poor little blog. I'm afraid it has been slid discreetly into a corner.
*dusts off publish button* 
There. All better. 

So Madi turned sixteen and I could not believe it. She keeps thinking I'm a downer for saying this but I still cannot believe how old we are. Okay. Rant over.

She went all pinteresty with her party, which I loved. Duh.

It was just a great way to round out summer, you know? Loverly things like water balloons, grapes, tissue paper flowers, and laughs with friends that I hardly see anymore. A day to be treasured.

Plus, it was during golden hour, which gave me much happiness.

And her cake had a king's cake version of herself being eaten by dinosaurs as she slid down a water slide, making it pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

And now it's that awkward stage when autumn can't come fast enough and we're stuck in school, wading through life and wishing for some free time. I miss summer. My poor camera hasn't been touched in weeks, and outside time is down to an embarrassing minimum.
Oh well. C'est la vie.
PS: Thanks followers, for staying loyal while I've been in alien-abduction mode. You rock.