Don't Forget Dreaming

Over the past few weeks I've gotten to capture images of both of my favorite people, relishing in the summer glory and giggling the day away. This has been a real summer of change - it's strange that we're all in high school, looking up at our futures with unsure glances, however close they may be. 
College doesn't seem as far as it used to, because it isn't. Both Madi and I work now, which is crazy as well. I'm going into my junior year and trying to focus on my music as well as my photography and my writing, because they are still things that I treasure up in my heart. 

class of 2014 

But I've realized a few things. I for one, will always be young. 

I will always want to jump in rain puddles and get soaking wet, not caring if I'm wearing something fancy. 

I will always have five unread books on top of my dresser at one time.

And I do hope that, even if we're twenty somethings wandering New York or Europe or our hometown or college and wherever else we end up, we are simply children, relishing the wonder of new discoveries. 

I hope we never stop dream chasing. 

I hope the creation of a baby bird, just hatched, never ceases to amaze us. 

I hope that summer days will always carry with them the same lot of possibility, chance-taking, laughing, and adventure-taking.

I hope we never forget to just let go.

And I hope that, in the end, we never truly grow up.