maggie; a girl whose eyes sparkle constantly. she's strong and determined to make her mark on the world. she's lovely and passionate about life itself.




Let me just start by saying that I can't believe that this girl is a senior any more than I can process that I have six weeks of junior year left. 

It's as if the road before us, that we've watched long and unchanging for so many years, is finally reaching a fork with five or six paths, and we're sitting here pondering which one to take.

The sunlight proved a worthy enemy on the day that we went out; all of our good cloud coverage left so we had to get creative.

refuse to be average and let your heart soar as it will.

ps: i need photoshop badly


bloom: an ode to spring

Today I went on a nature walk of sorts both because I haven't seen the sun in a few days and because the weather here is finally inching into spring. I use the term nature walk loosely because nothing particularly gorgeous ends up growing around my neighborhood, so essentially I was photographing attractive weeds.

Spring is on it's way; we can feel it in our bones and on the breeze.